January 22, 2010

Yuki Sushi

I love sushi. When it's not volume that I want, but rather quality, then I will head to Yuki Sushi in Owings Mills. I'm not sure if it is pronounced "yuck-ee sushi" or "yook-ee sushi", but believe me, their sushi is not yucky.

I took a friend there this week. It is located 9419 Common Brook Rd, Suite 101 in the Common Brook shopping center just off of Lakeside Boulevard. The atmosphere is quiet and I don't think I've ever been there when there were more than 4 0r 5 tables occupied of the 10 or so tables available.

My friend and I were quickly seated and led past a busted Asian privacy screen. I found it odd that they would keep that near the front of the restaurant. We were seated in the rear corner, which I like because it allows me to scan the restaurant. You never know when you'll have to duck and run.

I ordered the lunch special of 3 rolls for $11.99. I got spicy tuna, spicy salmon, and crunch eel, though I think that is one that got lost in translation. I think it should be called crunchy eel. My friend the 2 roll special for $8.99 and got the Boston roll and the shrimp tempura. We both got the Miso soup. He ordered water and I got hot tea.

The drinks were quickly served and the hot tea was scalding hot. I couldn't even hold the ceramic/porcelain cup that it was in. The soup quickly followed and for Miso soup actually isn't that bad.

The rolls finally arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Presentation if very good at Yuki. The spicy rolls were definitely spicy, especially when combined with the wasabi and soy sauce. The crunch eel roll was a bit bland. My friend really liked his rolls. He ate a reasonable pace while I inhaled mine in the first two minutes. All in all - good food!

When we finally finished the waitress quickly cleared the table and brought our bill. I was a bit surprised to find that my small cup of hot tea cost $2. Most Asian restaurants do not charge for hot tea. We each offered our credit cards to split the bill. I don't think she liked that. She swiped the book from our table and tossed it onto another table making a loud thump and both of our cards went flying onto the floor. She cleared off an adjacent table and picked up the book and my friend's card, but left mine on the floor. I watched her go the front register and she again threw the book on the table creating a loud and noticeable "I'm irritated" sound. I then picked up my credit card and walked it up to her. She took it with unkind pleasantries.

She finally returned with the 2 receipts and gave us a very insincere 'thank you'. I will have to say that I was not too pleased with her behavior. It may be a while before I return to Yuki Sushi. I like good sushi, but do not have to tolerate bad manners.

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Tauhid said...

I love sushi. I had spicy chicken from the grocery store and it was AWESOME. it sucks the customer service failed at your place.