January 29, 2015

Taste of Aloha

Taste of Aloha
1405 Sulphur Spring Road
Arbutus, MD 21227
(410) 501-3030

I found Taste of Aloha by accident.  I was looking on Google trying to find a quick way to get from I-95 to UMBC.  As I was scrolling around the map, I found a restaurant called Taste of Aloha.  I went to the website and I liked what I saw.  Having been to Hawaii a couple of years ago, I had a yearning for some Polynesian food.

My daughter had an appointment at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore the next day, so I asked my wife is she wanted to stop here.  She liked what she saw, so we made a plan.

We found the restaurant, but by then had accidentally drove right past it.  It's on one end of an older red building.  We quickly circled back and parked.

At Taste of Aloha, you order first at the counter, then they bring it to you.  They have what you would expect in Hawaii.  Kalua Pig, Chicken Katsu, Spam....  My daughter ordered a Hamburger, which came with a slice of grilled pineapple and fries with Old Bay.  Not sure that the Old Bay is very Polynesian.  My wife ordered the Chicken Katsu with rice, and I ordered the Kalua Pig with Kimchi.

The meals came out in about 5 minutes.  The Kalua Pig was amazing! It was bursting with flavor and juices.  It was so good I couldn't stand it.  I wasn't sure if I had Kimchi previously, but I think I have.  It was served cold and it was fairly spicy.  I finished it quickly but I wasn't full.

My wife really enjoyed the chicken Katsu.  However, she didn't share it with me.  Booo!!!  My daughter loved the hamburger with cheddar cheese.  It really did look good, though she gave me the grilled pineapple.

The dining area is small.  There are probably 6 tables total.  There was a gaggle of deaf seniors that had escaped from the local senior center staging a sit-in.  It was difficult to have a conversation at our table as they were drowning us out.  However, we really loved the food.  As you can see the prices are reasonable.

We'll definitely be going back to Taste of Aloha!

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